Mysterious man writen by me tell me if its good i think its crappy:/ comment

I sat up in bed and looked at the alarm clock. ”shit!” I muttered. “Lily! Come on your gonna be late for school!” I heard my mom yell from the bottom of the stairs. I hopped out of my huge bed and looked in my mirror. A pale, tall, skinny girl looked back at me. “COMMINGG!!” I yelled to my mother. I went to my drawers and got a cute outfit made of a denim skirt and a white V neck. I went to my bathroom, changed, brushed my teeth, and brushed my long black hair. I ran down the huge stairs to the kitchen and saw my mother cooking pancakes for my younger brother Johnny. My father was sitting at the large oak table reading the newspaper. I said good morning to both and looked out the front window. ”Where’s Mr. Jones?” I asked my father, who was moving his dark brown and slightly gray hair out of his eyes. “He’s bringing the limo out front.” I shrugged whatever and picked up mi bag and put my black flip flops on. “Bye mom! Bye Dad!” I yelled walking out the door.

My phone buzzed as I saw my black limo come from the back. I pulled out my black I phone and jogged to the limo. I read my new text. ‘Where r u?! The bell is bout to ring! Mrs. White is goin 2 kill u if ur l8 again!’ It was from my best friend Katie. “ crap.” I mumbled. I jumped in the limo and told my driver, Mr. Jones, to hurry. “Rightieoh Ms. Luner” he said cheerfully. Next thing you know were speeding down the main road. I put my phone away and checked how much money I have for the mall after school with Katie and my other friends. The limo stopped and I got out of the car” Thanks Mr. Jones!” “No problem Ms. call me when you need to get picked up!” and he drove away after that. I positioned my bag on my shoulder better and walked up to my huge high school. I was a freshman this year and it was so much better them my old school. I walked into my homeroom and Mrs. White was explaining how to write a wonderful story. I sat down right when the bell rang. “Thank you for finally joining us Ms. Luner. Please get out your literature book and note book so we may finally begin” She said sternly, in her strict voice that matched her outfit, a long boring gray skirt and a white button up shirt with her gray hair tied up into a bun at the top of her head. I rolled my eyes and got my heavy book and note book out.

            After that boring class I had French with my friend Scarlett . I found her by my locker waiting for me, brushing the dirt off of her white summer dress. I went up to her and hugged her, then opened my locker. I put my books I didn’t need yet and looked in my mirror. Behind me, I saw a middle aged man looking at me. I gasped and looked back but no one was there.” Whats wrong?” Scarlett asked worried.” Nothing don’t worry bout it I must be seeing things.” And we walked to French, all the way I was thinking bout the mysterious man.

            “Hey! Are we going to the mall in your limo? “Isabella, my friend, asked. After school “I guess so” I got out my phone and called Mr. Jones. “Hello?” “Hi! It’s me lily could you take me Isabella Katie and Scarlett to the mall?” “Sure! I’ll be there in 5 minutes” “K thanks!” I hung up and nodded to my group of friends” Is Aric going?” Scarlett asked. I giggled” I don’t know maybe we will see him there with Alex but he said he already had plans.” “oh.” She said quietly I patted her on the back when Mr. Jones pulled in the parking lot. We got in and said hi to him. “How was school?” He asked. “Good” we all said and the mysterious man popped in my head. We just went on in conversation. It seemed I could never get the man out of my mind though.

         “OH MY GOD!!! We have to go to forever 21!!” Katie screamed when we were finished eating McDonalds and threw away our trash. “Jeeps Kate no need to blow my ears out.” Scarlett said brushing her scarlet hair out of her eyes and rubbing her temples. Katie was putting her light brown hair in a pony tail when I looked back at her. Just then I saw the man again walking out of a shoe store. He was wearing the same thing he was before, blue jeans, a red button up shirt and an ugly black hat. He was staring at me and started walking toward us. I gasped and grabbed Katies arm and started running. “Where are we going what’s wrong?!??!” She panted and looked back to see Isabella and Scarlett right behind us with confused looks on there faces. I ran with Katie into the girls bathroom in the back of the huge mall and waited for Isabella and Scarlett to catch up. I slid down the wall and sat down, putting my head in my knees. I heard the door open and hear panting. “What the hell Lily what’s wrong!” Isabella said in between panting. “Sorry…..there’s this guy…..” I explained the whole thing to them. They all sat down by me. “Oh my gosh! That’s so weird!! And creepy!” They all said at the same time. I shrugged. ‘*ring* maybe it’s not my weekend but it’s gonna be my year*ring*’ Katie’s phone rang.” Hello?” “Ok. That’s fine. See you soon. Love you too bye.” “My mom said I have to go home.” She said. “Yea mine too” Scarlett said rolling her brown eyes, texting her mom. “Same with my dad. He’s going out with his new girlfriend Alice so he wants me home to baby-sit my brother.” Isabella muttered slowly getting up. “Oh okay why don’t we just walk home I don’t feel like getting a ride” I offered “Ok” Scarlett said. Katie and Isabella shrugged. We all slowly came out of the bathroom and started towards the entrance of the mall.

            “Gahh it’s so cold!” Isabella remarked, crossing her arms, as we walked down her road towards her house. “Well suck it up cause were only like two minutes away from you house.” I muttered. We already dropped off Katie and Scarlett. She was silent after that. I looked up at the sky, looking at all the stars and the beautiful moon that shined so bright it seemed that it washed all the fears of the night away and could heal anyone’s heart. The bright moon lightened the whole street even without lights. We finally made it to her huge house, we said goodbye and hugged. I started my walk down the street alone.  I was thinking about that day when my phone buzzed. ‘R u alright? You almost home?’ my mother texted me. I replied saying yea I’m only up the street. I put my phone back in my pocket when I heard rustling behind me. “Its ok Lily it’s only a squrial “I reassured myself. I still walked slightly faster. I was about 2 blocks away from my house when I heard movement behind be again. “Who’s there?!” I screamed I looked back but nothing was there and I didn’t get an answer. I started jogging toward my house. Only 1 block away now, I heard running behind me “WHO ARE YOU!!” I screamed and looked back, stopped, and scared, but sternly looked at the figure a couple feet away from me.

            “L-lily m-my d-darlin I-its m-me.” The man said coming closer into the light so I could see his face “Who are you I don’t know you!” I Yelled “ L-lily…I-I’m Y-your R-real …………..F-f-f-father.


better then the top onee called " The Dream"

I was running. Not running from anything bad or anything good. I was running to get the sorrow out of my mind. The sorrow of my closest friend, my mother, dieing two days ago, on April 14. I was running from everyone that said,” I’m so sorry! “And, “I’ll always be here for you,” every day. Running, I saw all the happy faces of the young children running around their yards, not aware of any of the tragedies or sorrow in the world. I felt the sweat running down my face mixing with the tears and rain drops. My knees were throbbing but I wouldn’t stop. I ran two more blocks. I could barely feel my feet when I saw the house. Orange and blue flames were reaching to the darkened sky from the house. Black smoke surrounded it, making it hard to see the twinkling stars. I could feel the heat on my face when I was 20 feet away. There were many people gasping, looking at the house wondering if they should do something. “HELP!” a high voice screeched from a 2nd story window. Without thinking, I ran up to the burning front door, kicked it and open with my numbing legs. I ran up the burning stairs, not even worrying that I was in danger, or how I was getting more burned every second. “Where are you?!” I yelled, coughing from inhaling too much smoke. I felt the blood running down my forearm. My eyes burned from the smoke and heat. I received no reply. The smoke smelled awful, and I could taste the sourness of it. Gasping for breath, I broke down the closest door. Inside, I found a huge burning bed, several dressers, and a huge closet door. By a large window was a young girl. She was crying, rolled up in a ball, her head full of dark brown hair in between her scrawny arms.

 “Come on I got you” I whispered, reaching for her. She looked up at me with her bright blue eyes wide open.

” Thank- WATCH OUT!!” She cried. I looked back surprised at what I saw and screamed as loud as possible.

 That’s were I woke up. Every night I have the same horrible dream, waking up right when she screams watch out. I sat up, repeating to my self that my mother was just on a trip for work and that it was just a dream. I got out of my large bed, pushing my red silk covers aside. Walking to the opposite side of the room, to the window, I glance out. The bright full moon calms me. The stars seem like they could fix any problem, grant any wish. I slowly closed the curtains and walked over to my bed. I sluggishly hoped back in and covered my self, wishing I would finally get some sleep. Lying down, I was thinking one thing over and over. I miss my mom.

                It was Monday morning. The birds were chirping, flying high in the blue, clear sky. I was running to my bus stop, clutching my purse with my name, Katie Lanner, when I first saw him. He was dressed in all black, black jeans, polo, and hat. His hat made a shadow that covered his pale face. You could barley make out his 5 a clock shadow. He was sitting by the large sign that said “Welcome to Havre, Montana.” watching me. Just watching me. I glanced behind me to see if my bus was there, and when I looked back at the tree he was gone. A chill went through me. I shook it off and waited for my bus.

                It was lunch time. I was getting the usually disgusting lunch that looked like barf and chicken nuggets mixed together with a carrot. I paid my fee and went to my table with my ‘friends’. Ever since I started having that dream no one has been talking to me, nor have I been talking to them. The teachers never corrected my mistakes, or picked up my papers. I attempted to eat the ‘lunch’ when I saw him again! He was by the large cafeteria door. Wearing exactly as he was before, looking exactly how he did. He was watching. Just watching me with his yellow and blue stern eyes. Why was he here? Was he a sub. That I didn’t have yet? He would fit in with all the other weirdo’s in this school. A huge chill went through me once again. I went back to eating the nasty lunch.

                It was after school. I was waiting for my bus. Teens all around me were shouting. Every now and then I felt someone tug on my long brown hair. I felt as if I were invisible because no one looked at me. I was becoming inpatient when I saw him again. Looking exactly the same. The same look on his face. The same eyes staring me down, looking at my soul. He was across the street just standing there, watching me. He looked as if he was going to say something when the big yellow bus came. I ran up the steps and sat in the back before all the noisy teens piled in. Looking out the window, I wasn’t surprised when he wasn’t there. I was surprised when someone sat down next to me. He threw his bag on me not even seeing me.

‘Um you know I’m here.” I said sarcastically. Ignoring me, I threw his bag to the ground. He screamed and jumped up.

 ”Oh my god dudes!! My bag just flew!!” He was freaking out, screaming, running towards the front of the bus. I rolled my eyes, this happening all the time. Once again, I felt invisible. 9 minutes later, we were finally at my bus stop. The doors opened and me and 4 other people got out and started the walk to our houses. Dogs barked loudly when I went past them. Finally reaching my house, I slammed the huge red door open and threw my purse on the table next to the door. It was so quite in my big house. The cause was me having no siblings, and my father and mother gone for work. I did what I always did, which was plopping down on the couch and watch the news. Flipping through the news channels, I see tragedies after tragedies, which was making me sadder then usual. I shook it off and went on with my business.

                I opened my eyes lazily. I yawned and looked at the clock. Nine a clock at night already. I must have slept for a couple of hours. I got up and went to the bathroom, cleaning all the make-up off of me. Walking back to the couch, I heard a strange noise. It sounded as if someone dropped something up stairs. I strange chill ran through my whole body, making the hairs on my neck stand up. I slowly creped up the stairs, cautious of anything popping out. “Anyone there?” I yelled. I saw a black shadow go past my bedroom door. I walk up to my door, another chill going through my body, telling me not to go it. I walk in slowly. I looked around. I saw nothing. My bed was made, clothes put away as usual, but one thing was weird. My window was open half way. “What the heck?” I mumble, raising my eyebrow. Walking back down stairs, I walk through the front door and outside. The sky was dark with billions of stars and a huge full moon. I go to the middle of my yard, stop, and look up to my window, which was closed. ”WHAT?”  I scream. How was it closed when I didn’t touch it? I looked behind me when I heard someone laugh, but no one was there. About to go back into my house, I scream when I see the man on my door step.” You can’t hide from me.” He stated. I started backing away slowly, him following me. Him becoming closer, I turned around and ran. I ran down the street, not noticing anyone watching, or the dogs barking. I was crying from fear, and the pain of my knees throbbing. I felt the sweat dripping down my cheek, mixing in with the tears. So far I ran two blocks, my knees were throbbing like crazy and my head hurt like I got hit with a bowling ball. I could hear the man's deep breaths, which meant he was gaining on me. “GET AWAY FROM ME!” I screamed. Still being silent, he began to run faster. More tears ran down my cheeks. Soon we were by the house that was in my dreams, but it wasn’t burning, and it looked quit new. He was only a few feet away from me now. I could see him from the corner of my eyes. I was getting more tired every second.  After about a mile, my feet became numb, and I could feel his hand touching my back. Soon we reached the local cemetery, and being me I ran through the tall black Iron Gate. The sky by now was pitch black. It was difficult not to trip over stones because of the fog. Soon we were deep into the cemetery and I could feel his strong grip on my white shirt.” Get off of me!” I yelled, swiftly moving to the right. He followed my every move, running as fast as I was without breaking a sweat. All of a sudden my legs gave out and I tumbled onto a grave, my back to the grave stone.

“Please! Don’t’ hurt me!” I cried, putting my hands up. Just then He said his first words ever since I first saw him.

 “I’m not here to hurt you I’m here to help you.” He said calmly, solemnly. He raised his arm and I flinched. When he didn’t hit me, I looked up at his hand. He was pointing at the stone I was on. I struggled to read it. When I did I gasped. I read it out loud. “Katie Lanner. A daughter, hero, and loved one. 1993-April 16, 2008.”


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