bleh braces suck 08/24/2009
yea if u no me its old news but ohh well yea i got stupid braces like a month before school ender grr ha
ohh miii goddd ittssss like 4 in the mornin imm soo tireeddd im watching smosh and youtube ahh blehhhhhcomment everythin and stuff.....AHH A FLYIN SQURIALL ok im done i love snow cones ok noww im done

                                    but seriously, i love you lol
hey guys(: 08/23/2009
hey guys(:sorry for not updatin more its been hetic recently(no i dont know how to spell) anyyway yea i updated more and stuff so i hope you injoy and please comment i would love to hear what you think unless ur a hater if your a hater suck it
bastered much? 04/25/2009

wow dude

wow.... 03/20/2009


sooo boreddd 02/21/2009

and tell your boyfriend that if he says he got beef that im a vegitarian and im not fucking scared of song......i luv tht sooo bored how is this much boredom possible?AHHHH jeezeeeee iii need something tooo doooo


omg u have to check out my joke page!!!! its so funny!!! my fav one is yo mama so old she knew burger king when he was still a prince! hehe

update 02/10/2009

hey i recently updated the website(as you can tell) and changed alot of stuff. Please comment me and tell me anything to make it even better.  thank you to the people that already did comment me and hopefully more people will. i am or did make another page with lotss of stupid jokes on it so check it out if u didnt already. I still have to put up lots of pictures and things and i always have things to update. thanks for reading have fun on my website.

bored 02/07/2009

hey! very much bored. last night my school had a valintine dance which was awesome and i will put up pictures later.. im very happy though my computer was not working and now it iz!!! heh so please comment me

SLEEPOVER!! 01/02/2009

HEY!!!!!! I'm At Danis!!!!!! we are so gonna stay up till like 8! muhahahhahahahaha COMMENT MEH!


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